Selectos Ibericos was born in 2013. The founders Jose and Yul established the company with the vision of bringing products such as hams, cheeses and wines to Peru, shortly after, Alonso would join the company. The importer was formed and from there in 2014 the first store was inaugurated in Av. Pablo Carriquiry 702 San Isidro, such was the reception that in 2015 the Restaurant was opened in Calle Armando Blondet 195 San Isidro, the following year in In 2016 the second store was opened and the partners Isaac and Yaqué joined the group.

In 2017, the third store was inaugurated in Calle Tarata 285 Miraflores, in 2018 the fourth store was inaugurated in Passage Monte Azul 184-188- Camino del Inca- Chacarilla-Surco shopping center. This year the stores made a transformation and mutated from a store to a bar store Year 2019 The fifth store in downtown Lima is inaugurated in Pasaje Nicolás de Rivera el viejo 118 Lima, in the same year the sixth store is inaugurated in Yoy Box Park del Jokey Plaza. In the same year 2019, Selectos Ibónicos expands commercially and franchises the brand, reaching the seventh store in Cusco and the eighth in San Isidro in the financial center in real building 2. in the same year the company's own bakery is inaugurated in the one that makes all the bakery products of the company. Nowadays 2020, when the pandemic arrives, everything is centralized to the main stores and it returns to the origins, mutating again as a minimarket. Currently Selectos Ibérico is positioned as the largest company of Spanish products in Peru, with more than 500 varieties of products, being direct importers we have managed to bring the product that was gourmet accessible to the public. Our mission is to reach every home in Peru.


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In our establishments you will find a store section dedicated to the direct sale of the product, where buying ham will be a simple task and our team will be able to guide you when making the decision.